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What's New

My experience in Rwanda has only deepened my desire to make a difference in the lives of the poor and disenfranchised.  All profits from the sale of my paintings will be used to improve the lives and living conditions of people in Africa and many other countries including Canada.   

We will begin our work in Kenya and Rwanda were we have already established contacts.  We are in the process and planning stages of building a new school in Kenya and developing an exciting income generating project for the people living in the community.  We will also be working in Rwanda and will be focusing our efforts in helping widows and orphans of the 1994 Genocide.  We will be building new homes and implementing income generating projects as well.

We will at times find it necessary to partner with other NGO's and World Vision Canada is our first choice.  I spent time in Rwanda with World Vision as part of a volunteer program called "Destination Life Change" and I look forward to working with them on this exciting new chapter in my life.

New Series of Paintings

I have started work on a new series of paintings celebrating the hope and spirit of the children I met and spent time with in Rwanda.  These paintings will be very special to me, each one is of a child I met and has a story to go with it.

I hope I can do them justice and that people will be as captivated by them as I was.  Hopefully they will also be moved to help in some way to lend a hand up to children that when you meet them they sneak into the deepest part of your heart and you carry them with you forever.
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